Marloth Park Property Owners Association (MPPOA)

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Welcome to Marloth Park Property Owners Association


You and your fellow property owners made a wise decision when you invested in Marloth Park, your home or a home from home in this wildlife sanctuary. The decision you made has given you the right to live in and experience the paradise that is the African bush. This piece of sub-tropical paradise, bordering Kruger National Park, is now under your guardianship and the guardianship of the community of property owners known as Marloth Park.

How will you play your role as a guardian of your slice of paradise? Your lone voice will be too small to be heard, which will prevent you from exercising your guardianship role-even if you could afford to hire someone to represent you. But what if you could team up with other owners? Then you could easily afford not just somebody but a group to represent you. And together you would be far more likely to be heard.

Together we have a voice

The municipality has agreed that this group would need the backing-in the form of membership of 51 % of the owners for it to be regarded as the representative of the majority of property owners in Marloth Park-in other words, to be taken seriously. Without this level of membership, it will not be consulted on matters of importance to the property owners.

The good news

This group has already been formed. The Marloth Park Property Owners Association (MPPOA) is a voluntary property owners' association that was formed more than ten years ago and will continue to give owners at Marloth Park a voice in the corridors of power-the Nkomazi Local Municipality, the Ehlanzeni District Municipality and the Mpumalanga Provincial Government, making them accountable to you. But MPPOA needs your visible support. And the only way your support will be made visible is by becoming a member of MPPOA.

What we can achieve together: The establishment conditions of the Marloth Park Holiday Township were designed to create a crime-free conservation area. The intention is that by maintaining a regulated, orderly and peaceful and eco-environment, property values will increase, and owners will see their investment growing in quality and value. Through the voluntary property owners' association MPPOA, all of this - and much, much more - is within your reach.

MPPOA's goals include the following

  • Improved service delivery from the Municipality;
  • Monitoring and enforcement of the title deed and town planning provisions (including building code enforcement), by - laws, general laws, and environmental management and conservation;
  • Gate management, waste management and security management.

How it works

MPPOA, like other voluntary property owners' associations around the world, is a non - profit organisation. It is governed by a committee that is elected by its members at an annual general meeting (AGM). Its mission is to represent the common interests of its members. Like a company, its performance will be determined by its management, and you - its members - get to determine who will manage it.

A well - managed voluntary property owners' association in the community is a strong selling point if you decide to sell your property. And the way to ensure that your association is being properly run is by getting involved. 
The warning signs of no property owners' association or a poorly supported and managed association include poor representation of owner's interests at municipal and provincial government levels. Further signs are limited or poor provision of services to members and their properties.

Voluntary property owners' associations are governed by a democratic process. If you want to serve on the the committee, volunteer to serve on sub - committees, and let your fellow members know that you want to serve the association. Alternatively, if you choose not to serve actively, just your presence as a member is a form of support.

Watch your investment grow

Now is the time to make another wise decision by spending R300.00 (the cost of a bottle of wine or a meal at a restaurant) to become a member of MPPOA. As a result, you will experience positive lifestyle benefits while watching the value of your property and this exclusive wildlife area grow exponentially.